Am I covered in the future for complaints occurring while I was a member if I no longer continue to remain a member?

Medpro offers protection on a claims-made basis. What this means is that a member seeking protection must be (a) a current member who has paid in full for the current period at the time a claim is made and (b) a member for the period in question for which the adverse incident occurred.

If a member discontinues active membership they have the option of purchasing trailing protection; this will allow members who discontinue their membership to still have protection for the period in which the individual was previously a member.

What happens when I retire, am I covered for claims made while working while I was a member?

If you retire you always have the option of purchasing trailing coverage. This allows retired members to still have protection for the period in which they were formerly members. So a member who is no longer a current active member can still receive protection for the prior period during which that individual was previously a member.

What is an adverse incident?

A possible claim, or any indication whatsoever of a patient complaint, a less than desirable treatment outcome, a less than completely satisfied patient or patient family, should all be considered as adverse incidents that must be reported to Medpro without delay.

What happens if I don’t report an adverse incident without delay?

Members are required to report an adverse incident to Medpro immediately. Failure to report an adverse incident or any knowledge or indication of an adverse incident, such as a patient complaint, a dissatisfied patient or a dissatisfied patient family or a less than satisfactory treatment outcome could result in the suspension of benefits, the denial of services and in particular a denial for any indemnification or reimbursement.

Medpro affirms that it offers “enhanced protection” how is medpro protection superior to other protection companies?

Medpro offers the combined benefit of local management and international expertise. Medpro has a local subsidiary with full time staff in Trinidad allowing it to come to its members’ assistance without delay. Further local management provides insight into the socio-cultural nuances of Trinidad and Tobago.

As part of its enhanced protection what type of services does Medpro offer?

With a local subsidiary Medpro can provide additional services that existing protection companies are incapable of providing such as the following:

  • Promoting the medical community through public relations & media intervention
  • Advocating legislative change
  • Legal Advice
  • Direct litigation strategy and management
  • International and domestic expert reports
The rates posted do they include taxes are there any other charges?

The rates posted are inclusive of any and all applicable taxes and regulatory charges. The rate that is posted is the price that the member is charged.

Members should note that if they provide a credit card for payment the payment may have their payment processed at the Canadian dollar rate in Canadian funds or the United States dollars. A member’s credit card provider may charge a conversion fee. medpro does not have any influence on any charges that may be imposed by a members’ credit card provider. If a member wants to confirm the credit card charges or have their card processed in Trinidad and Tobago funds, they should inform medpro in writing when submitting their application.

Is Medpro an Insurance Company?

Members accept and understand that Medpro is not an insurance company. Medpro is a claims made protection company. The benefits of Medpro membership are granted at the discretion of Medpro and are subject to the Terms and Conditions of membership, as amended from time to time. In this sense the annual amount remitted go Medpro is not a premium nor is there any deductible to pay in the event of a claim. When a member has an indication that they or a patient have experienced an adverse incident the member was contact Medpro without any delay and Medpro will cooperate with the member to manage the incident in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of membership.